stained glass


The Peacock Feather (more images below)

Stained glass is amazing but man is it a workout.

If glass fusing were jazz, stained glass would be ballet.    And not New York City ballet; we’re talking Bolshoi all the way.  Bleeding feet, harsh task masters, anorexia, the whole nine yards.

To be specific:  Every single piece of glass needs to be cut and ground to an absolutely perfect fit, otherwise you’re going to have a headache on your hands (which would be especially bad because your hands are already shredded to bits).

Once the glass is ready, you have to wrap each piece with copper foil (complicated — don’t ask); fit them all together into your pattern (good luck with that); and then solder the whole thing together (freak show!).  Then there’s the framing (aak!); patina-ing (toxic!); waxing (mess!); cleaning (more mess…); jump-ringing — I mean, the list goes on and on.

But when you’re done — oh, when you’re done….  Take a look and see.

The Peacock Feather

The Winged Heart (close up)

The Winged Heart

The Three Red Roses

Orange Rose

The Tulip